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We are proud to offer a wealth of services to families in High Point as well as our neighbors in Greensboro, Archdale, Kernersville, Oak Ridge, and Jamestown. Our friendly, professional staff will help you to feel at home in our comfortable and welcoming office so that you and your family can get the quality dental care you need and deserve.


The Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth

Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth | High Point NC Dentist

Losing a tooth can be a pretty devastating experience for anyone. After all, the plan was to keep all your teeth intact for the rest of your life. Whether you lose a tooth due to dental trauma or decay, the result is the same. You’ve got a gaping space in your mouth, and you feel like it’s the only thing that people see when they look at you.

First, the Good News

Missing teeth are unattractive, and they can have a serious impact on your lifestyle. You may find it difficult to speak properly, and eating certain foods may be impossible. Worse yet, missing teeth can play havoc with your overall oral ...

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Reducing the stress of your child's first dental visit

Children's Dentistry High Point NC

We recently talked about family dentistry and the importance of early childhood visits to Deep River Dentistry. As parents ourselves, we know that children need a positive start to encourage a lifetime of good oral health habits.

Your child’s first dental visit is a big event, and it takes a caring, compassionate team of professionals to help your little one feel comfortable and safe during this exciting step in their development.

Your Attitude Makes a Difference

Of course, you have to do your part, and half the battle is just getting them to the dentist. It’s understandable if you feel apprehensive about this all-important first visit. If you’re like most of us, you ...

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What happened to my beautiful white smile?

Teeth Whitening High Point NC

Have your teeth lost their youthful luster? Are you looking for a quick way to give your smile a boost for a special occasion like a wedding or reunion? Professional take-home teeth whitening kits at Deep River Dentistry are an easy way and affordable way to brighten your teeth and give your smile a boost for any special event.

But you may wonder why your formerly bright, white smile has become dull and discolored over the years. There are many factors that contribute to the change in the appearance of your teeth

Aging – It Happens to Everyone

Everyone's teeth become worn and somewhat discolored as they age. You may be extremely proactive ...

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The Stress-Free Root Canal – Is it Really Possible?

root canal high point nc

Let’s talk about root canals. We bet your first thought is, “Let’s not.” Yes, we know that root canals have a terrible reputation, but are they really all that bad? Considering that modern dentistry has brought us lots of improvements, is it possible that a root canal might actually be considered “stress free?”

Absolutely! We certainly understand that this can be a challenging concept to consider. And let us start by saying that, for many people, deep-seated anxiety about root canals is not a joking matter. But we’re here to tell you that the professional team at Deep River Dentistry combines the most advanced techniques with compassion and understanding to deliver ...

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Helpful Dental Insurance Information

Dental Insurance Information High Point NCLike many of us, you probably have more questions than answers when it comes to your dental insurance coverage. Even the terminology - annual maximums, limitations, exclusions - can make you feel out of your depth as you try to figure out which services are covered and which aren’t.

You’ve got enough going on in your life, and insurance questions should not be another issue you have to struggle with just to get needed dental treatment. Fortunately, at Deep River Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, our team has extensive experience and the expertise necessary to guide you through ...

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How to Handle a Dental Emergency

No matter how proactive you are with your oral health, dental emergencies can occur, and it seems that they always happen after normal business hours. We know that there’s nothing more frustrating – and possibly excruciating – than waiting to see a dentist until their office opens the next day. If your child has a dental emergency, you can feel especially helpless while waiting to get treatment.

At Deep River Dentistry, we know that a dental emergency usually means that something serious is going on, and prompt treatment is needed. We don’t want you to spend a moment longer than necessary waiting to get in to see us, and we have ...

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Tips for Managing Dental Anxiety

Dental Anxiety High Point NC

Dental anxiety, dental phobia, fear of dentists – whatever you call it, you know it can be an overwhelming feeling that takes control when common sense tells you that it’s time to get dental care. If dental fear has a hold on you, don’t be embarrassed. Millions of people just like you have some level of dental anxiety.

When Dr. Bray was younger, he had an unpleasant experience during a dental treatment, so he is completely sympathetic to your concerns. With patience and understanding, he has helped many patients at Deep River Dentistry learn how to cope with the feelings that prevent them from seeking even the most basic dental treatment.

Putting ...

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