Dental Implants in High Point, NC

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If you are missing teeth or are looking for tooth replacement options, you probably already know what a hassle and a pain an absent tooth can be. You’re limited in your food choices, you are more prone to periodontal disease (and the symptoms that go along with it, such as consistent bad breath), plus your other teeth may shift and ache. Often, though, the problem that brings patients who are missing teeth into our High Point dental office is the social stigma that comes along with the gaps in your smile.

Regardless of why your teeth are missing, people are sadly quick to judge and make assumptions about you that are neither fair nor true.

We can help.

Dental implants represent the gold standard for replacing missing teeth. Permanent, attractive, and functional; these dental restorations look like your own natural teeth, they will blend in so flawlessly with your other teeth that nobody will ever know the secret behind your smile.

Dental Implants 101

Losing one or more teeth can affect your life in multiple areas of your life, including what you can eat, how you speak, how you look like, and even your self-esteem and how you and other people view yourself.

But did you know that one missing tooth is a leading cause for more tooth loss?

It might sound odd, but it’s true. Without an anchoring tooth root, the jaw bone starts to recede. When this happens, neighboring teeth start shifting towards the gap, which can damage and affect other teeth. Between bone loss and teeth shifting, tooth loss commonly occurs.

When there are multiple missing teeth, facial sagging can occur—this prematurely ages a person and can completely alter their appearance—and not for the better! For these and other reasons, Dr. Bray often recommends restoring your missing tooth via dental implants.

What is a dental implant? The implant itself is made up of two pieces—the cylindrical titanium post that Dr. Bray surgically places in your jaw and the abutment that he uses to attach restorations securely in place. You and Dr. Bray will work together to decide how best to restore the dental implant, whether it's a front tooth implant, full mouth dental implants, or partial dental implants. Your options include dental crowns that attach to the dental implant, a dental bridge to replace a few missing teeth, or even implant-retained dentures if you are missing most or all of your teeth.

When you only need to replace a single tooth, a dental implant is a secure and permanent option. The dental crown will be colored and shaped to be a perfect replica of the tooth that was lost. If you are missing a few teeth, you may opt to replace each missing tooth with an individual dental implant and crown combination, or you may choose to use your dental implant to hold a bridge in place securely.

When you are missing multiple teeth, the cost of dental implants for all of your teeth may be out of your price range. However, we can use implants to securely hold a set of implant-retained dentures in place, combining the affordability of dentures with the security and permanence of dental implants.

The Dental Implant Advantage in High Point, NC

With all the other tooth restoration options out there, why go with dental implants? The reason why we recommend dental implants to our patients who are good candidates for them is that dental implants can do something that no other tooth-replacement option can do—dental implants can actually prevent the deterioration of your jawbone.

Usually, the roots of your teeth stimulate the constant regrowth and maintenance of the bone tissue in your jaw. When you lose a tooth, and the root is no longer there, this process comes to a halt. In time, the bone begins to resorb, causing it to become thinner and weaker. Eventually, your other teeth start to tilt and become loose and can also fall out, creating a vicious cycle. Dental implant surgery can help remedy the situation.

One side effect of missing teeth is how it can drastically alter your appearance. The shape of your jawbone affects the shape of your face; in fact, our tooth structure can affect your aging process. Think about how children mimic someone who has lost their teeth: They pull their lips and cheeks in to imitate a “sunken” appearance. This sunken appearance is from the diminished bone and missing teeth that would have filled in your face. The biocompatible posts of dental implants function in the same way as natural tooth roots, allowing the natural cycle of bone tissue maintenance to continue as it is supposed to. When people fill in the gaps from lost teeth, they immediately fill out their face and maintain a more youthful appearance. 

The main benefit of dental implants is how much they look and feel just like your natural teeth. Once the dental implant has fused to the jaw bone, it acts as a foundation for the dental crown that replaces the tooth. You’ll never have to worry about your dental implant or dental crown decaying or becoming infected, and the implant will never shift or move. Dental implants are often used in other dental procedures, like implant-supported dentures that can replace multiple or all missing teeth while giving you a comfortable fit. Unlike other dental prosthetics, dental implants don’t require the altering of neighboring teeth, like dental bridges.

Many of our High Point patients revel in the beautiful, natural appearance of dental implants. We love how dental implants stimulate bone growth and heal the trauma that tooth loss inflicts.

Our Dental Implant Process in High Point

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Dental implants can be completed in several stages.

Dr. Bray starts by surgically inserting a thin biocompatible titanium post in the gum and jaw bone. Dr. Bray completes the surgical procedure using local anesthesia; if further sedation is needed, please let Dr. Bray and his dental team know. We work hard to ensure that every dental procedure is comfortable and patients feel secure and relaxed at our High Point office.

Once Dr. Bray completes this step, the healing process begins. This can take up to six months to complete, at which point your High Point dentist will adhere to the tooth portion of the implant, the dental crown. This is the visible portion of your dental implant, and is shaped and shaded to blend in with your smile. Before any work starts, Dr. Bray will work together with patients to select the size, shape, and shade of their new tooth, so patients feel satisfied knowing they designed their smile. 

Your High Point dentist will let you know how to assist your healing through proper diet and oral hygiene.

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