Root Canals in High Point, NC

model of severe tooth decay from side angle I root canals in high point ncIf you are like most patients, you might feel a shiver up your spine when you hear that you need a filling or root canal. The reality, however, of root canal therapy is much different than the perception.

Root canals have gotten a bad rap. Today’s root canal, performed using modern techniques and instruments, is actually just as efficient and comfortable as a routine filling.

Often, patients who are in need of a root canal come to Deep River Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in pain, and root canal therapy actually relieves this pain and helps us to save a tooth that might otherwise have to be extracted and then replaced. By performing a root canal, we can save you a great deal of discomfort, hassle, and money.

Why Would You Need A Root Canal or Implant?

We’ve found that demystifying the actual process of a root canal often helps to reduce a great deal of the anxiety that patients may feel.

Did you know that the root canal itself is actually part of the anatomy of your tooth? The actual root canal of your tooth is a natural cavity inside your tooth that houses what is known as the “pulp chamber” along with the nerve of your tooth.

Occasionally, a root canal can become infected or inflamed. This could happen because of a particularly deep cavity or because of damage to the tooth from trauma. Pain, swelling, sensitivity, or an abscess (an infection that may look like a pimple on your gum) are all signs that the root canal has become infected and needs treatment. Left untreated, a root canal for a cracked tooth infection could spread, causing damage to your periodontal tissue and the surrounding teeth, not to mention a great deal of pain.

To treat the problem, Dr. Bray will first numb you so that you don’t feel a thing throughout the procedure. Next, he will use specialized instruments to access the interior of your tooth and carefully remove the nerve and the damaged and infected tooth material as well. Once this is done, he may place an antibiotic into the open space to prevent re-infection. Finally, the tooth will be sealed with a filling material and, if needed, a temporary crown.

Root canal therapy can weaken the structure of the tooth, so you may need a crown once the procedure is complete. Dr. Bray will discuss this with you before your procedure and make any preparations necessary so that you are not inconvenienced.

When To Get A Root Canal in High Point?

If you are experiencing any symptoms of an infected tooth that may indicate the need for a root canal, call our office today. We accept emergency appointments and will do our very best to see you on the same day. If it’s after hours, call our office line and follow the directions to get a hold of Dr. Bray.

Although unusual, it is possible to have an infection or damaged root canal and not experience any pain. This often indicates that the nerve of the tooth has died. This situation is sometimes caught during a routine examination after careful steps of a root canal have already been taken. Even though you are not in pain, the situation still needs to be remedied to prevent future issues.

Schedule an Endodontist in High Point, NC

Call High Point dentist Dr. Cassidy Bray today to schedule your appointment for endodontic therapy or to discuss the best alternative to root canal treatment. Don’t wait another minute in pain when a simple treatment can help you feel better and save your tooth.