Tooth Extractions in High Point, NC

At Deep River Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we do our best to save all of your healthy teeth so you can keep your smile for life. 

With modern advancements in dentistry and preventive care, it is easier than ever to maintain excellent oral health. Occasionally, though, it becomes necessary to remove a problem tooth to relieve pain or protect your remaining teeth.

Hearing that you need to have a tooth removed can spark feelings of panic and dread. We understand that no one wants to have a tooth pulled, but we want you to know that we take your comfort seriously. Our skilled dentist Dr. Cassidy Bray has the training and experience needed to perform your dental extractions in High Point and help you stay healthy and comfortable through the recovery process.

If you need a tooth pulled, our dental team can help. Please feel free to call us at (336) 883-1371 Tuesdays through Fridays to schedule a dental appointment or consultation for your extraction. 

Conditions That Can Lead to Dental Extractions

Most dental extractions become necessary when you haven’t been taking care of your teeth, but even healthy smiles can occasionally need a tooth pulled. 

Sometimes, despite all of our best efforts, you might have a tooth that causes a problem. Because keeping your natural teeth is always preferable, we’ll explore other options before deciding on extraction.

At our High Point dental office, we do our best to save your ailing tooth, including recommending and performing root canal therapy. When all of our best efforts fail, that means it is time for a dental extraction. 

Certain conditions increase your chances of needing a tooth pulled, including:

  • Periodontal (gum) disease
  • Deep dental decay
  • Cracks
  • Fractures
  • Infection
  • Denture preparation
  • Failed root canal therapy
  • Orthodontic extractions
  • Overcrowding
  • Wisdom teeth (third molar) complications
  • Misplaced teeth within your smile

Some of these scenarios, such as needing teeth removed while preparing to receive dentures or braces, are unrelated to your overall oral health. In general, however, you can reduce your chances of needing a dental extraction by maintaining excellent oral care at home and keeping your regular dental cleanings and exam appointments. 

When you stay current with your preventive dental care, you increase the odds of keeping your smile healthy for years to come. Preventive dental cleanings, exams, screenings, and x-rays help us as your High Point dentist diagnose conditions early before they start to put your teeth and gums at risk. 

If you haven’t seen the dentist at least once in the last six months and would like to do everything you can to protect your smile against damage and decay, please don’t hesitate to call us at (336) 883-1371. 

Excellent Dentistry from a Caring Treatment Team

We understand that many people get anxious at the thought of having teeth extracted. While extractions will never exactly be something fun or something to look forward to, we work hard to make them as seamless and stress-free as we can. We always want your High Point tooth extraction to go smoothly and leave your smile in a healthier condition than when we began.  

When it is time for your dental extraction, we will make sure you are completely numb for the procedure. You should never feel any pain or discomfort during your tooth extraction, and we always wait until you can’t feel anything but pressure before we begin working on the area. 

Dr. Bray is extremely gentle and wants to make sure that your experience is as relaxed and pain-free as possible. We realize that most patients would rather be almost anywhere but the dentist, which is why we work hard to make you feel safe and at ease during treatment. Our warm and friendly dental team will welcome you and take excellent care of you while you are with us. 

Simple and Surgical Tooth Extractions in High Point

At Deep River Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we perform two different types of tooth extractions: simple and surgical. 

We perform simple extractions on visible teeth, meaning that your tooth has already erupted (broken through) the gums. Because they are a more straightforward dental procedure, simple extractions often heal more quickly and take less time to perform than surgical extractions. 

Your High Point tooth extraction dentist will typically perform your simple extraction using basic dental hand tools known as elevators and forceps. 

You will require a surgical tooth extraction if you have a tooth buried underneath your gum line that is not visible in your mouth. If you do need a surgical extraction for a tooth that is not yet erupted, it will require an incision. Once we remove your tooth, Dr. Bray will give you stitches to assist with healing.

Surgical tooth extractions commonly require our dentist to break the tooth into multiple pieces and remove it from below the gum line. If this happens in your case, there is no reason to panic—it’s perfectly normal. However, if you have concerns during your treatment, Dr. Bray can answer questions or explain the process as he goes. 

Wisdom Teeth (Third Molar) Extractions

One of the most common types of tooth extractions in High Point is wisdom tooth extractions. 

Wisdom teeth get their name from the fact that they don’t erupt until late teenage years or even into early adulthood. Some people are fortunate to be born with no wisdom teeth or only one or two wisdom teeth, while many other people will discover that they have three or even all four of their wisdom teeth. 

These teeth, also known as third molars due to their location in the very back of your mouth, can sometimes cause problems for existing teeth and become troublemakers for your smile if we don't remove them. While not all wisdom teeth require dental extraction, most will cause crowding, be difficult to keep clean, and create problems for your bite. For these reasons, Dr. Bray typically recommends having your wisdom teeth removed before you reach your early twenties. 

At Deep River Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we perform wisdom tooth extractions in High Point. Unless your case is complex and requires consultation with an oral surgeon, we can perform your extractions right here in our local dental office! 

To determine if you need your wisdom teeth extracted, we will perform a full evaluation and take digital radiographs for an accurate diagnosis. If you are a parent and your child or young teenager has not had a wisdom tooth evaluation, we encourage you to bring them in for a dental visit so we can determine if they have wisdom teeth and so we can devise a future treatment plan for extraction.  

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If you have questions or concerns about your teeth or dental extraction in High Point, NC, please give us a call! We can help you determine the best treatment to support your oral health and overall wellness.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping your smile be as healthy as it can be!