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Missing a Tooth? Here's Why Dental Implants Are a Popular Solution

June 25, 2020
Posted By: Deep River Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental implants are considered the gold standard for tooth replacement and are practically as good as your existing natural teeth. They replace your tooth root and look, feel, and function like the tooth they replaced.

A dental implant involves a thin titanium rod that Dr. Cassidy Bray places in your jaw bone right here in our High Point, NC dental office. After a few months of healing, it integrates with your bone and replaces your missing tooth root. Your dental implant dentist will then place a dental crown over the titanium rod; this is the visible part of your implant. If it wears down or breaks, we only need to replace the dental crown. Beautiful and functional!

For patients with multiple missing teeth, we can use implants to secure partial or full dentures. Dental implants can also help create bridges—patients can relax during meals or out with friends knowing their dental prosthetic will never betray them by slipping or falling out. 

The Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Reliable—Dental implants have high success rates (95 percent treatment success rate).
  • Comfortable—Many patients switch from dentures or dental bridges since they can be uncomfortable, painful, or a poor fit.
  • Independent—Nearby teeth do not have to be involved in this procedure, unlike dental bridges.
  • Easy—Dental implants don't require special contraptions to keep them clean; patients can brush and floss them like a regular tooth.
  • Permanent—Dental implants integrate with your body, so they are stable and durable.
  • Restore—Implants are the only tooth replacement alternative that can stimulate bone growth and prevent bone loss.
  • Investment—While dental implants might seem costly, in the long run, they save money spent on replacement dentures or bridges.
  • Health—Your oral health thanks you for taking the necessary steps in preventing further tooth loss.
  • Speech—Ill-fitting dentures can make you slur your words, but implants will never slip and make you sound blurry.
  • Diet—Eating your favorite foods is back on the table.
  • Confidence—A missing tooth can make you want to hide your smile, but dental implants will restore your self-esteem.
  • Beautiful—Dr. Bray custom designs the dental implants to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

Are You Interested in Restoring Your Beautiful Smile?

At Deep River Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we work had to keep you healthy and beautiful. If you're ready to improve every facet of your life, give us a call today. 

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