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The Importance of Dental Exams and Cleanings

September 11, 2014
Posted By: Dr. Cassidy Bray
Dental Cleanings | High Point NC Dentist

‚ÄčYou already know that taking care of your teeth is essential if you want to avoid the inconvenience and discomfort of complicated, expensive dental treatment. But let’s face it; we’re all busy juggling other responsibilities. If you’re not a big fan of visits to the dentist, routine exams and dental cleanings are probably not high on your to-do list.

At Deep River Dentistry, one of our goals is to educate you about the benefits of a healthy smile so that you will feel positive about seeking dental care. In this case, knowledge is definitely power, so we want to reinforce the importance of routine treatments.

Professional Teeth Cleaning

All day long, the food and beverages you consume stick to the surface of your teeth. This forms a film of bacteria that must be removed to protect your teeth from decay and disease. Plaque buildup is not obvious, and you may not even be aware that these bacteria exist until you have a dental problem. If plaque is not removed during a professional cleaning, it will harden into tartar, which can eventually lead to gum disease.

Thorough Dental Exams

Regular comprehensive dental exams are an equally important step in your preventive oral health care routine. This allows your dentist to identify any underlying problems and address them before they become serious and threaten your healthy teeth.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is important for keeping teeth healthy and strong. It is available in toothpaste, mouth rinses, and topical applications in the dental office. Non-bottled drinking water is also another great source of fluoride. Fluoride is especially important for children, but consumption should be monitored to avoid fluorosis.

Application of Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are used to fill in crevices and uneven surfaces on the back teeth. Sealants are also beneficial for children and are primarily used to protect healthy permanent teeth.

Daily Brushing and Flossing

Not sure about which products are most effective for your personal oral health routine? Our dental hygienist will be happy to help guide you to the most beneficial products for your needs. A conscientious at-home oral hygiene routine is one of the most effective and least expensive ways to maintain healthy teeth and stay a step ahead of gum disease.

Has it been a while since your last exam and cleaning? If you don’t remember the last time, you are probably due! Nobody likes to spend a lot of time sitting in the dental chair and worrying about complex treatments. But it’s up to you – would you rather maintain an easy routine of dental exams and cleanings or face a variety of problems in the future?

Please call our High Point dental office to arrange an appointment for your next cleaning and exam today!

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