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I have a toothache. Is it a dental emergency?

Your emergency dentist in High Point, NC never wants you to be in pain or risk your oral health. For these reasons, we recognize toothaches—or anything that threatens your dental health—as dental emergencies.

A toothache means that something is wrong—typically, an infection. In most cases, a tooth infection requires gentle root canal therapy.

Other types of dental emergencies include:

  • Jaw pain and swelling
  • A blister on the gum
  • Soft tissue trauma to the cheek or gum
  • Broken tooth or restoration
  • Tooth knocked out or loosened

Of course, there are many other emergency scenarios—too many to name—which is why we want you to contact our dental office if you notice oral health changes. Your dentist in High Point will determine whether your situation is an emergency based on your symptoms or whether it can wait a day or two. But rest assured, if you have pain or your oral health is in danger, we will always get you in front of the dentist as soon as possible.

We Treat Dental Emergencies in High Point

If you have a toothache or other dental health issues, we want to hear from you immediately. Remember, tooth pain is a sign that you need prompt dental care.

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