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Not your grandparents' dentures

May 8, 2014
Posted By: Dr. Cassidy Bray
Dentures | High Point NC Dentist

Does the thought of getting dentures conjure up pictures of those scary, fake-looking teeth sitting in a glass next to your grandparents’ bed? If so, you’re not alone. Most people have exactly the same reaction.

But guess what? Along with most everything else in dentistry, dentures at Deep River Dentistry have undergone significant improvements that make them fit, feel, and function better. Now we’re not going to tell you that even the latest technology can make dentures feel exactly like natural teeth. But it can get pretty darned close!

The Look

Dentures are made to be functional, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t look great. The world has spoken, and the dental industry has listened – no more dentures that look like they were made for someone else’s mouth!

We now have access to materials that weren’t even around in your grandparents’ day, and that makes all the difference in their appearance. Are you concerned that the teeth in your dentures will look unnaturally perfect? Stop worrying.

You invest a lot in dentures, so the result should make you mighty happy. Your input in the process is essential, and we listen! The objective is for your dentures to look like your real teeth (only better), and we can work with older pictures of you to make sure we get the look just right.

The Fit and Feel

Even if you don’t know anyone who has dentures, we can bet you’ve heard that they have a tendency to slip and slide – usually at the most awkward moments. This often happens with older dentures simply because the shape of your jaw changes over time. Another problem with dentures made years ago is the rigid material that was used to create them.

We did the best with the materials that were available at the time, but now we know better, so we do better. Today’s dentures are made using a softer material that does a great job of conforming to the shape of your jaw, minimizing discomfort in the process.

Another weapon in our modern day arsenal against slipping and sliding dentures is dental implants. Sure, they’re great for replacing teeth, but with all the engineering that went into creating them for one purpose, it makes sense that we would find other ways to put them to use.

Dental implants are now being used to hold dentures firmly in place. Since the implant is secured in your jaw, and the denture is attached to the implant, dentures can finally be made to feel like they actually belong in your mouth.

We do understand that having dentures placed for the first time can be a life-altering experience that you’re probably not anticipating with any joy. But at Deep River Dentistry, we do everything possible to smooth out any bumps in the process and deliver a finished result that will meet and exceed your expectations.


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