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5 Reasons to Choose a Family Dentist

January 14, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Cassidy Bray
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Most people know how time-consuming it is to drive to different specialists for a variety of appointments. That’s one reason why dentists who specialize in both children and adult dental care are essential for busy families. Since you and your family’s dental health depend on preventative care, taking advantage of family dentistry in High Point, NC is especially important.

Choosing a family dentist is an important decision. Here are five things you may not have known about family dentists:

1. One-Stop Care for the Whole Family

With a family dentist, it’s easy to schedule appointments for multiple family members on the same day. It’s especially convenient if you have several children who need their semi-annual cleanings!

2. Long-Term Relationships

A family dentist who sees your children as they grow knows their histories and personalities. Knowing your family’s history also helps your dentist make more informed decisions about treatments and recommendations.

3. Role Modeling for Children

When you bring your children to your family dentist appointment, they see you taking care of your own dental health too. Your proactive, positive attitude about dental hygiene and dental visits impact them as they learn to care about their own teeth and gums.

4. Broad Range of Knowledge

From toddlers to seniors, a family dentist has expertise in treating all ages. From your child’s first dental exam to tooth extractions and dentures, your family dentist has the technology and knowledge to benefit all family members.

5. Eases Dental Anxieties

When children feel comfortable visiting the same family dentist over the years, they feel more relaxed about dental visits. Knowing what to expect when they visit your family dentist in High Point, NC can help ease their anxieties and promote better dental hygiene.

Deep River Family & Cosmetic Dentistry loves families! Call our dental office today to schedule an appointment today.

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