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Why do I need a root canal?

man with a toothache in high point ncRoot canals aren’t usually at the top of people’s lists as a favorite dental procedure. However, root canals are common (and painless) procedures that are sometimes needed to preserve and restore a tooth. Root canals are life-savers - literally - when it comes to certain dental health issues. Here are two reasons you might need a root canal in High Point, NC.

Reasons For Root Canals

Severe tooth decay. If a tooth experiences extensive decay, the inner pulp may become infected. In this case, you’ll probably have plenty of tooth pain and sensitivity that will bring you to the dentist. If the tooth’s interior is already infected, your dentist may want to perform a root canal to remove the bacteria. A dental crown will help protect the tooth after your dentist cleans out the interior. This treatment will not only save the tooth, but also allow it to function normally and painlessly.

Damaged tooth. Teeth that experience trauma may be broken or chipped, along with being painful and sensitive. A tooth may be damaged without visible cracks or chips, however, and you should always visit the dentist if you have pain or sensitivity. If the damage isn’t too extensive, your dentist can save the tooth and end your toothache by removing its nerves. A dental crown protects the tooth by preventing further damage.

If you've got more questions on root canals, give our Highpoint, NC dental office a call. We'll be happy to assist you.

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