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Your Diet - What's Good, What's Bad, and What's Going On Inside Your Mouth

July 11, 2014
Posted By: Dr. Cassidy Bray

Bad Breath High Point NCWe don’t need to remind you that a balanced diet is crucial for keeping your mouth and body healthy, do we?  Mom, dad, and your dentist always said that, to avoid cavities, you have to avoid the sugary foods and beverages you enjoy most - soda, energy drinks, and candy. So much for that sweet tooth of yours!

But you did your best to follow the directive, and as a responsible adult you now control the intake of these wonderful/terrible goodies. But let’s say that you’re having one of those days and, boy, wouldn’t a candy bar do wonders for your fallen spirit? Go ahead and indulge, just remember to ask yourself…

Where Does All That Sugar Go, Anyway?

So what do those sugar-laden foods do inside your mouth that's so bad for your teeth?  For starters, the bacteria in your mouth break down sugary foods which produce acid. Yes, you have bacteria in your mouth, but relax, a little bit is normal.

The bad news is that this acid is just as nasty as any other acid. When it’s left on your teeth the enamel on your teeth begins to dissolve. The good news is that your own saliva acts to neutralize these acids teeth. Phew.

Get Over that Soda and Move On!

This means that nursing a soda for several hours, for example, is much worse for your teeth than just drinking one with your lunch. Why? Because, as you continuously drink that soda, these bacteria continuously produce acid.

If you drink the soda all at once, there is nothing for the bacteria to feed on. Makes sense, doesn’t it? See, this stuff isn’t that complicated after all.

So avoid making that soda a day-long project, and also avoid snacking throughout the day. Give your teeth a break once in a while so that you are not constantly damaging them with acid.

Another good idea is to avoid foods that are crunchy, chewy, or get stuck easily in your teeth.  This is why hard candies are so bad for your teeth. That and the crushing force placed on your teeth when you decide to chew it instead of letting it dissolve.

So, the Point Is…

Now you’re armed with the information you need to make better decisions about the foods you eat and how they behave (or misbehave) while they’re in your mouth. Feel free to indulge, but if you do, brush as soon after as possible. Or just rinse your mouth if you can’t brush. It’s better than nothing.

At Deep River Dentistry, we know all this stuff inside and out, so give us a call. During your cleaning, we’ll impart all our wisdom so that you know everything we know. Or at least as much as you need to keep your teeth healthy!


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