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We are proud to offer a wealth of services to families in High Point as well as our neighbors in Greensboro, Archdale, Kernersville, Oak Ridge, and Jamestown. Our friendly, professional staff will help you to feel at home in our comfortable and welcoming office so that you and your family can get the quality dental care you need and deserve.


Wooden Teeth and Other Dental Myths

Dentist High PointDental myths abound - from George Washington’s wooden teeth (yes, he had serious dental issues and wore dentures - including ivory, gold, and lead - but never wood) to the assertion that a tooth left in a glass of cola overnight will disintegrate. We love a good story as much as the next person, but since your dental health hinges on whether or not some of these are true, today we are acting as your personal mouth-myth busters.

Myth: Mom and Dad have healthy teeth, so you will too

Fact: Yes, genetics do play a part in the state of your overall dental ...

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Back to School - Are Your Kids' Teeth Ready?

Pediatric Dentistry High Point NCIt always seems that “back-to-school” season comes around way too fast, doesn’t it? Most of us are still in high-summer mode, and suddenly seeing school supplies instead of beach toys at your local big box store is a huge wake-up call.

So pretty soon you’ll be back in shopping mode, gathering clothes, supplies, and sports equipment needed for the new school year. This is the year you’re going to be ready to go when the big day arrives, and there will be no chaos! We wish you luck with that!

Did You Forget Something?

But you may be overlooking ...

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Can We Please Talk About Your Breath?

Bad Breath High Point NC

Have you noticed lately that people tend to keep their distance when you talk to them? Do your friends seem to be offering gum or breath mints more frequently? Maybe you do the breath test (you know, the scientifically-proven method of blowing into your palm and staking a sniff) and are shocked by the odor?

Chronic bad breath can really do a number on your social life, and it may not have anything to do with those onion rings you had for lunch. The causes of bad breath (aka halitosis) are much more complex than you might imagine, and understanding what causes these unpleasant mouth odors can help you avoid them.

Where ...

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All Teeth Whitening Products are Not Created Equally

Teeth Whitening High Point NC

Your teeth are looking a little drab lately, and as you cruise the aisles of your favorite drug store, you see row upon row of teeth whitening products. You think, “Why not? I could really use some ‘dazzling results’ about now.”

We admit it can be pretty tempting. Over-the-counter products are relatively inexpensive, and they do claim to “get your teeth their whitest.” But what’s the downside? Are the savings worth the risks?

What’s in That Stuff?

The American Dental Association says that using over-the-counter kits is generally safe, but they do point out the possible risk for gum ...

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Your Diet - What's Good, What's Bad, and What's Going On Inside Your Mouth

Bad Breath High Point NCWe don’t need to remind you that a balanced diet is crucial for keeping your mouth and body healthy, do we?  Mom, dad, and your dentist always said that, to avoid cavities, you have to avoid the sugary foods and beverages you enjoy most - soda, energy drinks, and candy. So much for that sweet tooth of yours!

But you did your best to follow the directive, and as a responsible adult you now control the intake of these wonderful/terrible goodies. But let’s say that you’re having one of those days and, boy, wouldn’t a candy bar do wonders for ...

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Is it Time to Break Up With Your Dentist?

General Dentist High Point NC

It’s important to be completely comfortable with your dentist. It doesn’t matter how good, or how qualified a dentist is - if you don’t like his or her chairside manner, you’re less likely to follow through with appointments.

Do you remember why you broke up with your last dentist? Was it because he or she made you feel guilty about your oral health habits? Maybe it was a lack of communication and concern for your feelings. Maybe you stopped seeing them because you felt like you were just another patient taking up their valuable time.

It IS All About You

As a patient, you have a right to expect to be treated with ...

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Defeat Dental Anxiety for Good!

Dental Anxiety High Point NCMany people share a common fear of dental procedures. The good news is that there is hope! You can be free of your dental phobia, but you have to seek help and get answers. If you do, you may be pleasantly surprised that you can actually overcome your fears and get the treatment you really need.

We’re pretty sure that if you have dental phobia, you’re completely aware of it. But people display this differently, and anxiety can be the result of a combination of several fears. Often, just identifying and being aware of the true source ...

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