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What to Expect from a Root Canal Procedure

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Root canal procedures are necessary to save natural teeth when a tooth has become infected, decayed or damaged beyond what a traditional filling can repair. As their name implies, root canal procedures involve the actual root canals that exist inside your teeth. Because root canal procedures involve working in this deeper, more sensitive part of your tooth near the nerve, many people believe that root canal procedures will be extremely painful and uncomfortable and therefore experience severe fear or anxiety when faced with the prospect of needing a root canal. 

Despite their bad reputation, root canal procedures are usually performed quickly and without problems. A root canal is actually ...

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The Stress-Free Root Canal – Is it Really Possible?

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Let’s talk about root canals. We bet your first thought is, “Let’s not.” Yes, we know that root canals have a terrible reputation, but are they really all that bad? Considering that modern dentistry has brought us lots of improvements, is it possible that a root canal might actually be considered “stress free?”

Absolutely! We certainly understand that this can be a challenging concept to consider. And let us start by saying that, for many people, deep-seated anxiety about root canals is not a joking matter. But we’re here to tell you that the professional team at Deep River Dentistry combines the most advanced techniques with compassion and understanding to deliver ...

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