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Coping with Dental Anxiety

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Are you afraid of the dentist? Many people are, so you’ve definitely got company. But do you ever consider exactly what it is that bugs you so much about dental visits? 

As dentists, we understand your feelings, and we want to tell you that we don’t take it personally. That’s because we know it’s not the dentist that bothers you. It’s all the stuff he or she needs to do that creeps you out. Of course, it is possible to be treated by a dentist who just doesn’t get it, but they are the exception, not the rule.

Let’s face it, for some people sitting in a dental chair conjures ...

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Defeat Dental Anxiety for Good!

Dental Anxiety High Point NCMany people share a common fear of dental procedures. The good news is that there is hope! You can be free of your dental phobia, but you have to seek help and get answers. If you do, you may be pleasantly surprised that you can actually overcome your fears and get the treatment you really need.

We’re pretty sure that if you have dental phobia, you’re completely aware of it. But people display this differently, and anxiety can be the result of a combination of several fears. Often, just identifying and being aware of the true source ...

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Tips for Managing Dental Anxiety

a woman writes on a clipboard | Dental Anxiety High Point NC

Dental anxiety, dental phobia, fear of dentists – whatever you call it, you know it can be an overwhelming feeling that takes control when common sense tells you that it’s time to get dental care. If dental fear has a hold on you, don’t be embarrassed. Millions of people just like you have some level of dental anxiety.

When Dr. Bray was younger, he had an unpleasant experience during a dental treatment, so he is completely sympathetic to your concerns. With patience and understanding, he has helped many patients at Deep River Dentistry learn how to cope with the feelings that prevent them from seeking even the most basic dental treatment.

Putting ...

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